About me

A Web developer based in Cairo, Egypt. Currently working as a freelancer due to Corona Virus for agencies, & entrepreneurs.

I’m a Motivated Computer science fresh graduate (AAST) with a focus on creativity and web developing, and game programming. I design and craft products and experiences based on a deep understanding of customer needs.
My belief and passion for feedback and discussions on design helps maintain multiple perspectives – seeing it as the key to working agile and efficiently – resulting in refined outcomes.

Education & past experience

  • Bachelor degree of computer science from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport

  • AlMakinah Boot camp ( intro to web developing)

  • Riseup Summit (Hack4Egypt)

  • TheD. (front end developer internship)

Capabilities & Development

  • Web Development

  • Photoshop and designing overall

  • Python scripts

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Resilience

  • Front-End (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

  • IOS Apps (interface, backend..etc)

  • Unity and game programming in general

Past projects

all the following projects can be found on my Github page.

  • Pixel man ( game programming)

  • Green simulator (Solar panels web- based performance simulator)

  • PC assembler (a web based game)

  • Utam Egypt (http://www.utamegypt.com)

  • Cairo Confessions Image generator and auto poster (python)

  • Railway anti Collision system (NodeMCU based on a scale model)

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